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Survival Guide For The Tribulation Period

Download tribulation period survival guide book: Click here and scroll down.

If you are reading this survival guide, you didn't get taken in the rapture of the church, but you can still know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  I hope this will be a tool that the Lord uses to open up your eyes to your need for Him. Your future and eternity could depend on what you decide at this very moment.  Don’t let this opportunity to know Christ pass you by.  It may be your last!

I guess the obvious question is what's next!  The next step will be the start of the seven-year tribulation period, but that might not begin right away.  You will know when it begins when a man rises up and signs a seven-year peace accord with Israel (Daniel 9:27).  Most Bible scholars believe he will rise up out of the European Union.  When that takes place you know the tribulation period has begun.  Here is a short video that gives you a likely scenario of what could happen following this peace signing (12 Events That Will Immediately Take Place Following The Rapture). 

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The next question that will likely come to mind is will you be able to survive what the Bible says will be the most horrible time in history?  I have always questioned if there are specific procedures that one could follow that would enable a person to survive the tribulation period.  I truly believe that it will be by the grace of God that anyone survives.  Let me put this time period in perspective.  The tribulation period will be so devastating and so horrible that Jesus said, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: But for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened (Matthew 24:22).”  But the Bible is clear that there will be survivors.

So what are the chances of surviving the tribulation period?  Nobody knows for sure, but we do know that one-quarter of the world’s population will be eliminated (Revelation 6:7, 8) when the fourth seal is broken and another one-third will die when the sixth trumpet sounds (Revelation 9:13-19). That doesn’t even include:

1. The complete destruction of Mystery Babylon (Revelation 18)
2. The devastation of a worldwide earthquake (Revelation 16:18)
3. The complete annihilation of the Russian-Islamic Alliance (Ezekiel 38 & 39)
4. Wormwood (Revelation 8:10 &11)
5. The Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 9:16; 16:15, 16; 200 million will die)
6. Worldwide martyrdom of Christians (Revelation 7:13-17)

Certainly, this is not a complete list but you get the picture.  If there are survivors, a person's chances of being in that number are very slim.

Let’s say five billion people enter into the tribulation period.  It has been estimated that as many as four billion people will die leaving one billion survivors.  Following the seven-year tribulation, the Lord will rule with a “rod of iron” and execute judgment on the nations to determine who will enter into the millennium.  The criterion is simple.  Those who befriended Israel during the tribulation period will be allowed to enter into the Millennium age.  Those who didn’t will be executed without mercy.  In some cases, entire nations could be wiped out.  

When all is said and done only a fraction of the world’s population will be left.  I will be conservative and estimate that 500 million will be allowed to enter the millennium age.  Frankly, I think that number is high, but nevertheless, that means a person who enters the tribulation period has a one in ten chance of survival.  Oh, and by the way, that number includes only those who did not take the mark of the beast.  Almost everyone will and in the end, they will be executed.

Yes, it will be by the Grace of God that anyone survives.  I do not know if it will help to begin stocking up on food and supplies or to build an emergency shelter.  My first step would be to receive Jesus as Lord.  Please read on to receive Jesus:

Dear friend, if you don’t know the Lord at this time you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. Jesus came and paid your sin debt on Calvary that you might have renewed fellowship with God. Don’t let Satan deceive you into letting this opportunity to know the Lord pass you by. Please come to the Lord today!  

If you would like to accept Jesus as Lord pray with me right now:

Father, I know that I am a sinner and cannot obtain salvation in and of myself. I come to you in the name of Jesus asking that you forgive me of my sins, and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness and guilt. I trust and believe that Jesus died and rose again to pay my sin penalty. I accept this free gift of salvation, and from this day forward, turn my life completely over to the Lord. I thank you and praise you God for giving me a new life in Christ. Amen.

If you prayed this pray and meant every word you are now a Christian and on your way to heaven.

From this day forward, life will never be the same.  It is likely you may have to die for your belief in Christ.  Stand strong and be of good courage and the Lord will strengthen and guide you to come out victorious even in the face of death.

May the Lord Jesus be with you in this final hour!  

Terry Malone

If you have been left behind, click on this link, print it out and accept Jesus Christ as Lord.  It's not too late!

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