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With Mideast peace talks stalled, activists fear a new intifada

Israel is heading toward a confrontation with Lebanon militant organization Hezbollah, Minister without portfolio Yossi Peled said on Thursday, adding that "Israel's main goal is to ensure the posterity of the Jewish state."

When asked whether he believed another round of violence was expected along Israel's northern border, the Likud minister said "yes, I just don't know when, just like no one knew that the Second Lebanon War would break."

Speaking at a cultural function in the southern city of Be'er Sheva, Peled said that "If a conflict does erupt in the North we will hold both Lebanon and Syria responsible."

Israeli officials are saying war with Hezbollah is inevitable and that Lebanon and Syria would be held accountable if it occurs.  In the past, they have also included Iran in their warnings. As a result, Hezbollah has moved their long range rockets into northern Lebanon.  They are also monitoring a steady IDF troop buildup on Israel's northern border.

Frankly, with Iran so close to becoming a nuclear power, it might be time for Hezbollah to finally unleash their massive rocket arsenal (est. at 40,000+) on Israel at the expense of Lebanon.  This would serve as a diversion and deplete some of Israel's military stocks.  How much I don't know, but Israel has always maintained that they are capable of defending against multiple fronts including Iran and Syria.

In other news, a couple of days ago, I reported that the Hamas leadership was willing to nullify their charter (Article# 1008) and recognize Israel's right to exist.  On Friday, the following excerpt from regarding statements made by Hamas leader Khaled Meshal was reported:

On Friday, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal, addressing a rally in the Syrian capital to mark the end of the Israeli attack on Gaza a year ago, dencounced Egypt's plan tob build an underground barrier along its Gaza border, saying that "triumphant Gaza today is still wounded. Its houses are still destroyed. It's still under siege and its borders are still closed. Add to this the new steel wall."

The Hamas leader also said that the organiztion would not recognize Israel despite new pressures on the group and will give priority to building resistance to the Jewish state.

Meshal said Hamas does not want another war with Israel but it will stick to armed struggle as a means to liberate occupied land.

"Today we do not seek war but if war is imposed on us we will fight fiercely," Meshal said.

"Hamas will keep rejecting the occupation and refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the Zionist entity. Priority will remain building and developing the resistance," said Meshal, who lives in Syria along with other Hamas leaders in exile.

"Pressure, siege, temptations and opening doors or communication channels will not fool Hamas, which will not compromise on the rights. Hamas will be only tempted by restoring the land," Meshal said.

Khaled Meshal  is a powerful voice in the Hamas terrorist organization so I would say that his speech represents their real direction.  Either way, they were never going to accept living alongside Israel for very long.  It's just not in their nature nor does it play into the plan of God. 

Some points we need to remember during these last days:

1.  Israel will have to confront Iran at some point regarding their nuclear program.  It would be suicide for them to ignore it and it will likely be sooner than later.

2.  The international community is growing weary of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  Israel refuses to halt expansion (total freeze) into the West Bank and especially Jerusalem.  The Palestinian Authority refuses to resume talks unless an Israeli total freeze is implemented.  On top of this, Israel is adamant that when a Palestinian state is established it must be demilitarized and they must maintain a presence to halt weapons smuggling.  The EU has as much stated that they will not continue to support the PA without progress.  

3.  The Bible says that the state of Jerusalem will be a major burdensome stone to the international community (Zechariah 12:3).  This is where we are at this very moment on the prophecy timeline. 

Although, anything is possible, I would have a hard time believing that both party's will be at the same position at the end of 2010.  Israel knows that a Palestinian state is inevitable or they wouldn't be talking about maintaining a military presence once it is established.  That's not going to happen just as it didn't in Gaza.  What will likely happen will be the deployment of an international (Mainly US & EU) force for a certain time period until the state is established and Jerusalem is divided.  The international community will promise protection and take the responsibility of making sure the territory does not turn into a terrorist state.  But as we know from Ezekiel 38 & 39 that promise will not hold up.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?  If not, your time is running out!

Terry Malone

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