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Questions On Marriage & Divorce

Question# 1338:My Spouse Is Not A Christian, Loves Money More Than His Family, And Has Moved Out!  What Should I Do?

Question# 594:Divorce Advice: Itís His/Her Fault! Why Should I Say Iím Sorry?

Question# 516:I'm Angry, Bitter And Resentful Toward My Ex-Husband.

Question# 373: I'm Married But Not In Love:  Is My Spouse Really God's Will For Me?

Question# 234: I've Fallen Out Of Love With My Spouse: Divorce or Not?

Question# 56: Divorce And Anger: After The Divorce What Then?

Question# 55: When Should I Leave: Biblical Reasons For Divorce.

Question# 42: Divorce Or Not To Divorce: Hard Answers.

Question# 422: Things To Consider When Seeking To Get Married.

Question# 424: Why Am I Not Married Yet!


Questions On Forgiveness

Question# 44: Forgiving Someone That You Perceive As Unforgivable.


Questions On Salvation

Question# 1332:I've Been Saved, Backslidden (Several Times), And Saved Again! Am I Really Saved This Time?

Question# 1297: Satan's Plan For Every Christian: Lead You To Sin, Confusion, & Ineffectiveness!

Question# 1159:Are There Many Ways To God?  What About Muslims Or Buddhists...Are They Going To Heaven?  

Question# 43: I Keep Getting Saved Over And Over Again: Am I Really Saved?

Question# 41: Why Don't I Feel Saved: Some Timely Advice.

Question# 25: Backslidden Or Lost/How To Listen To God.

Question# 783: Church Attendance: Is it Necessary To Be A Christian?

Question# 29: Can You Be Saved Without Attending Church?

Question# 21: How We Can Know We Are Saved Part 2.

Question# 18: How We Can Know We Are Saved.

Question# 31: Works vs. Faith: Can A Person Be A Christian Apart From Producing Works?

Question# 395: What Part Good Works Play In A Christians Life.

Question# 375: Do You Have To Be Baptized To Be Saved?


Questions On God's Love

Question# 1309: Why Atheist/Agnostics Believe The Bible Is True But Completely Misunderstand It!

Question# 633: I Tried God And He Didnít Work For Me.

Question# 627: When Our Prayers Don't Seem To Be Getting Answered; Understanding God's Long-Term Plan.

Question# 517: Did God Create Evil?

Question# 38: Is It Ever To Late For God To Forgive You.

Question# 39: Is God A God Of Love Or A God Of Wrath?

Question# 410: Christian: Why Is God Always So Mean To Me?


Questions On Healing

Question# 643: The Truth About Healing, Why It Is For Today, And How We Should Pray.


Questions On Hell

Question# 36: Hell Is A Very Real Place! Where will you spend eternity?

Question# 35: Would God Send Someone To Hell Who Has Not Heard The Gospel?

Question# 33: Why Many Are Going To Hell But Believe They Are Saved.


Questions On Overcoming Sin

Question# 1305: I'm Attracted To The Same Sex But Don't Want To Be; Is It Okay To Pursue A Homosexual Lifestyle; What The Bible Says.

Question# 374: I'm A Christian Who Was Born Gay: Part II

Question# 349: I'm A Christian Who Was Born Gay.

Question# 236: How To Overcome Anger Or Any Other Stronghold.

Question# 235: Advice On Sex Before Marriage & Consequences.

Question# 4: How To Keep Focused On God's Will Through Prayer.

Question# 54: Advice On How To Overcome Sex, Masturbation And Sin.

Question# 53: Alcohol And Christianity: Did Jesus Really Turn The Water Into Wine?

Question# 1302: Alcohol And Christianity Part II: Did Jesus Really Turn The Water Into Wine?

Question# 1342: How A Christian and Alcoholic Should To Say No To Alcohol.

Question# 52: Advice For Teens About Living In This Wicked World.

Question# 204: Satan's Ultimate Plan: To Deceive You.

Question# 288: I'm A Christian But Have A Problem With Pornography.


Questions On God

Question# 518: I'm Confused About What God Wants & Can't Enjoy Life.

Question# 405: If Thereís A God Why Donít He Show Himself.

Question# 39: Is God Responsible For The Ill's Of This World-Relived?

Question# 30: Is God Responsible For The Ill's Of This World?


Questions On Satan

Question# 441: Do Angels, Satan Or demons Have The Ability To Produce Offspring?

Question# 57: Why Was Satan Placed On This Earth?

Question# 28: Can Satan Repent And Change His Ways?


Other Questions 

Question# 626:Should A Person Tithe Even When They Have a Mountain Of Bills?

Question# 529: Tips On Selecting A Bible Believing Church.

Question# 58: Advice For Those Who Are Unemployed: There Is Hope!

Question# 37: Speaking In Tongues: Evidence Of Salvation?

Question# 3: Question on Noah.

Question# 298: Prosperity Theology And The Truth.

Question# 299: Prosperity Preachers: Discerning Between Who's Real And A Fake.

Question# 340: The Myth of the Separation of Church and State: What The Bible Says About Voting.

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