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Article# 850:PLO Agrees to Proceed to Statehood Without Waiting for Gaza; European plan to take leading role in Mideast worries Israel.

Article# 849:Obama Antichrist?  Not Likely, But His Inexperience Could Make Way For Antichrist.

Article# 848:Meltdown far from over, new mortgage crisis looms; "We're probably in the first inning of the commercial mortgage problem".

Article# 847:Bush warns Israel against Gaza, Iran attack; Iranian supreme leader calls on Lebanon to unite against Israel.

Article# 846:NIC Report: Next two decades will see a world living with daily threat of nuclear war, environmental catastrophe and the decline of America.

Article# 845:Iran said to have enough nuclear fuel for one weapon; Does this mean it's too late?

Article# 844:'Israeli Air Force is ready to deal with Iran'.

Article# 843:Israel Says It Will Not Let Iran Go Nuclear; G20 Summit Starts Tomorrow As They Search For Answers To Stem Global Economic Tide.

Article# 842:As Global Financial Summit Looms, World Markets Continue In Freefall With No End In Sight.

Article# 841:UK PM: TIME TO BUILD GLOBAL SOCIETY; Gorbachev calls on Obama to carry out 'perestroika' in USA...

Article# 840:Might Israel strike at Iran before Obama takes over?; Obama to work closely with Sarkozy in Europe: ambassador.

Article# 839:Obama and EU to reinvent global politics, pundit says; Rice: Peace unlikely this year, Israeli elections to blame.

Article# 838:Barack Obama elected 44th US president; U.S. becomes Obamanation; Israel Uneasy Over an Obama Administration.

Article# 837:Why I Will Vote My Biblical Principles And Not For A Man In The 2008 US Presidential Election!  And Why Every Christian Better Do The Same!

Article# 836:Iran says it tested nuclear bomb; Source: Iran now has two nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles ready for use against Israel, possibly in the coming months.

Article# 835:America's new French connection: Sarkozy and Obama prepare combination to save the world.

Article# 834:Obama The Messiah?  Could Barack Obama Be The Future Antichrist?...Provided He Gets Elected...

Article# 833:World Calls For Global Financial Summit; Bush Will Lead It; Will Global Financial Crisis Usher In New World Order?

Article# 832:US Election Drawing Near; Will Christian's Take Bible Principles To Polls Or Give Into Liberal Version Of Change?

Article# 831:Dow plunges 733 as new data points to recession.

Article# 830:Warning signs of an Israeli strike on Iran; Iran sets preconditions for talks with US.

Article# 829:FEAR; WORLD TAKES FRIGHT...; Israel has 3-6 months to hit Iran’s nuclear sites if Moscow sells Tehran S-300 systems.

Article# 828:American X-Band Radar Gives Some Israeli Officials Jitters; Could It Lead To Russian Attack.

Article# 827:Former top FBI counterterrorism analyst predicts major terrorist attack against US sometime following election.

Article# 826:Stocks tumble as bailout plan fails; Is Iran Readying for War? 

Article# 825:Warren Buffett: 'Heaven Help Us' if Bailout Fails; Rice sees potential for '08 peace deal.

Article# 824:Is Russia's economy headed for collapse? If so, what part could it play in Bible prophecy?

Article# 823:Could Israel Be The Next Target Of The New High Powered Cold War Between Russia And The US?

Article# 822:Is This Recent Global Financial Scare Prophetic? 

Article# 821:Olmert: If we don't reach deal with PA soon – price will be unbearable; 'Olmert offers PA 98.1% of W. Bank'.

Article# 820:Syria, Iran warm to Russia as US tensions grow; Syrian army invades northern Lebanon.

Article# 819:Kadima in uproar over US claim that Israel has conceded Jerusalem; U.S. to 'guarantee' Palestinian state.

Article# 818:Israel plans to strike Iran from Georgia.

Article# 817:France to mediate in direct Israel-Syrian talks; Why Disasters Are Getting Worse.

Article# 816:Supreme Moslem Council: Temple Mount is Jewish.

Article# 815:Dutch AIVD Secret Service: Believe “impending US plans to attack Iran,” within weeks; Dutch AIVD Secret Service: Ultra-secret operation underway in Iran in recent years has been halted and an agent recalled due to believed attack. 

Article# 814:Israel Has Decided: Iran Will Not Have Nukes; Top Iranian general: Any attack against us will lead to world war.

Article# 813:Rice Visit: PA State Closer than Ever; Rice urges Israel to split Jerusalem.

Article# 812:Who Will Populate The Millennium.

Article# 811:US-Poland missile shield deal seen aimed at Russia; Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles; Russia: U.S. Missiles in Poland Won't Go Unpunished.

Article# 810:US refuses to help Israel attack Iran; U.S. puts brakes on Israeli  plan for attack on Iran nuclear facilities.

Article# 809:Three major US naval strike forces due this week in Persian Gulf.

Article# 808:US sources hint that by rejecting Iran sanctions, Moscow opens door to Israeli attack.

Article# 807:Mofaz: Iran on way to major nuclear breakthrough.

Article# 806:Israeli prime minister to resign, raises doubts on Mideast peace.

Article# 805:Syrian US ambassador: Let's make peace; Assad confidante Imad Mustafa says talks are "historic opportunity" for peace with entire Arab world.

Article# 804:In secret note, Olmert says Bush has deserted Israel against Iran.

Article# 803:Olmert to Obama: By late 2009, early 2010 Iran will be able to assemble nuclear bomb.

Article# 802:US Betrayal of Israel Begins: US to Open Diplomatic Mission in Iran; The US is preparing to station its first diplomats in the Islamic Republic since the 1979.

Article# 801:High US official to attend nuclear talks with Iran, capping secret US-Tehran diplomacy.

Article# 800:Olmert says Palestinian peace deal closer than ever; Syria asks France to help direct talks with Israel.

Article# 799:IDF: Air Force jets aren't training in Iraq; ...Night Drills Said To Be Massive.

Article# 798:John Bolton: Obama presidency would be dangerous because he's so naive; Iran sends missile test warning.

Article# 797:A 'Big Day' for Kohanim: Future Temple Priests Get Fitted; Assad: No peace until after Bush.

Article# 796:The identity of Israel’s post-Olmert prime minister will determine its war options on Iran; Israel reassures West: No Iran attack in 2008...

Article# 795:Erekat: 6 months to peace deal; Top negotiator for Palestinian Authority says solutions at hand for all core issues, now is time for decision-making. Speaking at conference organized by Peres Center for Peace, Erekat says 'Israeli and Palestinian leaders who reach an agreement will be more important to region's history than Jesus'.

Article# 794:France's Sarkozy offers in Israel to broker peace.

Article# 793:Israeli Official: Massive air exercise was "dress rehearsal" for Iran raid.

Article# 792:Tehran offers to share its “nuclear experience” with Syria; The Khan smuggling ring had not only supplied Iran, Libya and North Korea with nuke technology, but possibly al Qaeda too!

Article# 791:Bush: Iran can either face isolation or they can have better relations with us all.” No third option, of a punishing military strike, was mentioned.

Article# 790:Israel engaging in dangerous road dealing with terrorist nations.

Article# 789:Drafting to start on Mideast peace deal; Report: Abbas informed of Israel's plan to retake Gaza.

Article# 788:Time running out for Bush decision on Iran; Mofaz: Israel attack on Iran 'unavoidable' if nuclear program continued.

Article# 787:Iran on track for nuclear milestone...; Pressure grows on Israel's Olmert.

Article# 786:Israel 'expects' Obama to win; Looks to create defensible borders before pressured into concessions.

Article# 785:PAPER: 'BUSH PLANS IRAN ATTACK BEFORE END OF TERM'...; Iran spurs arms race: 13 Mideast states have advanced nuclear programs...

Article# 784:Israel very close to attacking Gaza over missile attacks; Obama calls McCain a hypocrite regarding negotiations with Hamas.

Article# 783:Retiring Air Force commander says he remains concerned about Iranian threat, hints future missions may prove extent of Israel's reach.

Article# 782:Bush: Hopeful for Mideast peace deal; Syria: Peace negotiations only after Bush era.

Article# 781:Peace process appears in trouble ahead of Bush visit; REVEALED: BIZMAN WHO MIGHT TOPPLE OLMERT; NY POST BREAKS ISRAEL'S GAG ORDER...

Article# 780:Israel: Iran could have nukes this year; Mofaz: Israel will not accept a nuclear-armed Iran. All means of prevention legitimate.

Article# 779:'Hamas accepts Gaza-first truce offer'; Assad confirms Olmert's Golan offer; Russia swaps Libya debt for deals.

Article# 778:Question Regarding The Holy Spirit During The Tribulation Period.

Article# 777:Source: U.S. Strike on Iran Nearing; Amid new Iranian threat, Israel connects to America’s Ballistic Missile Early Warning System.

Article# 776:Chamoun: Syria-Israel war is imminent; First stages of US plan to give away Jerusalem beginning to be implemented.

Article# 775:Israel prepares for the Apocalypse; Ben Eliezer: Strike by Iran Would Spell Its End; Olmert and Abbas aim for agreement by end of 2008.

Article# 774:Syria on Alert 'Because Hizbullah Revenge Attack is Near'.

Article# 773:Israel orders bio/chemical warfare masks redistributed, Damascus raises war alarm; IDF believes renewed conflict with Hizballah is close; Syrian official denies assembling forces, summoning reserves.

Article# 772:Abbas calls for Arab international troops to protect Palestinians.

Article# 771:Rice: U.S. remains "concerned" about (nuclear) proliferation in the Middle East and singled out Syria in particular.

Article# 770:Saudi King Abdullah calls for initiative that would bring the world's religious leaders together for dialogue.

Article# 769:Report: Iranian, Syrian missiles to pound Israel in next war; Secret report paints grim picture: Thousands of casualties, nationwide power outages; Israel braces for Hizbullah attack.

Article# 768:Matthew 24:29-31 Explained.

Article# 767:Israel has secretly warned Syria that it may strike the country if Hizbullah attacks the Jewish state.

Article# 766:US Admiral Resignation From CENTCOM May Have Been A Result Of Division Between Bush Adm. Desire To Preemptively Strike Iran Before They Became Nuke Capable.

Article# 765:Prominent World Newspaper Paints Grim Outcome Of Middle East War; Part US Could Play In It. 

Article# 764:Where Is The Coming Of The Lord?

Article# 763:Olmert lashes out at world for hypocritical response to Gaza; 'West Bank,' Jerusalem erupt in violence.

Article# 762:The Rapture Of The Church And The Reaction Of The World When It Comes.

Article# 761:Iran nearing nuclear weapons capability; State official: Act against Tehran before it's too late.

Article# 760:Iran and Israel Poised for Possible Military Clash over Mughniyeh’s Death.

Article# 759:Tehran, Damascus, Hizballah leadership reported coordinating retaliation for Mughniyeh’s death; Barkat: Secret agreement to divide Jerusalem reached. 

Article# 758:The Future Of Terrorism And Why Most Americans (And The World) Just Don't Get It.

Article# 757:Defense officials: Hamas attacks in the works; Iran helps Syria develop missile that can target Israel better.

Article# 756:In a coordinated U-turn, US and Russia both treat Iran’s space launch as attesting to a nuclear weapons program; 'Iran testing advanced centrifuge'; Western diplomat says new centrifuge able to enrich uranium 2-3 times as fast as old type of machine. 

Article# 755:I'll be president of Europe if you give me the power - Blair; Israelis Told to Prepare 'Rocket Rooms' in case of future war.

Article# 754:Tony Blair Secretly Seeking Counsel On EU Presidential Run.

Article# 753:Israel suspects Iran is pursuing a clandestine nuclear enrichment operation and is "probably already working on warheads for ground-to-ground missiles"; Theory on why Russia may someday attack Israel.

Article# 752:John Bolton: It will be up to Israel to stop Iran; China: Nuclear standoff with Iran is at a 'critical' stage.

Article# 751:Security Analyst Regarding Russian Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky's comment: Amid disputes with West over security issues, it may have been meant as warning Russia is prepared to use its nuclear might.

Article# 750:Israel continues barrage on Gaza territory; Hamas vows revenge.

Article# 749:Blair Hinting Of EU Presidential Run.

Article# 748:Bush Arrives, all smiles, but collision over Jerusalem building, Iran looms.

Article# 747:Jerusalem Readies For Bush's Arrival; Israel, PA seek 'positive atmosphere'.

Article# 746:Olmert sees 'hand of God' in gathering of friendly nations to divide Israel.

Article# 745:Prime Minister Olmert: World views Israel sharing Jerusalem with 1967 borders; Syria: We want peace with Israel but they must give back Golan Heights.

Article# 744:Abbas: This will be the year of our victory.

Article# 743:Olmert Caves in to US; PM to Abbas: Israel won't undermine final status talks.

Article# 742:PA president to press Olmert on matter on Thurs.; Erekat: "We want to make 2009 a year of peace."

Article# 741:Could Bush's Departure With Peace Still On The Table Leave Door Open For Future  Confirmation Of Covenant By Another Leader As Prophesied In Daniel 9:27.

Article# 740:Abbas welcomes idea of international force in territories; Rice joins counterparts in Quartet yesterday in rare formal rebuke of Israel for its plans to expand Jewish settlements in West Bank.

Article# 739:Olmert downplays US betrayal on Iranian nuclear program; Tells Israeli officials to stop bringing it up. 

Article# 738:Israeli Intelligence: 'The United States Has Failed To Stop Iran'. 

Article# 737:Israeli Intelligence Assessment Points To West Moving Away From Support Of Israel And Moving Toward Arab World.

Article# 736:On Eve Of First Peace Talks In Nearly Seven Years, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Promises To "Forge A Historic Path" Toward A Final Settlement With Palestinians.

Article# 735:NIE Report Inaccurate Says Israel; Sources Say US & Iran Are In Secret Talks That Lead To US Change Of Heart Toward Iranian Nuke Program. 

Article# 734:Bush Intel Puzzling To World Experts; Blair Says Peace Possible By End Of 2008 But Plan Implementation Will Take Time.

Article# 733:US Downgrades Iranian Threat; Israel Intel Despites US Findings.

Article# 732:Olmert Putting Future Of Israel In US Hands.

Article# 731:Analysis Reveals Devastating Results Of Israel-Iran Nuclear War; Sheds Light On What Could Come From Future Gog And Magog War.

Article# 730:What Could Happen In Prophecy Over The Next 12-18 Months.

Article# 729:Will Peace Be Realized Before President Bush Leaves Office?

Article# 728:Rice: Peace In One Year; Peres: Can't Be Done.

Article# 727:Annapolis ME Peace Summit A Go! Joint Statement Could Be In Final Stages.

Article# 726:Iran Is Much Closer To A Nuclear Bomb Than Israel Or The West Will Admit. 

Article# 725:Peace Summit May Be More About Elaborate Six-Nation Deal Than Peace For Israel. 

Article# 724:PA Official: Barak, Livni Holding Olmert Back On Peace Process; Summit Date Moved To November 27th.  

Article# 723:US: Israel Very Close To Iran Attack And Nukes Could Be Used.

Article# 722:Syria Rejects Annapolis Invite, But Could Still Come If US Includes Golan Heights In Summit Papers. 

Article# 721:Rice Seeks ME Peace At Any Cost While Bush Still In Office.

Article# 720:EU Diplomat: "I Am Very Much Concerned With The Mounting Influence Of Russia - Not Only In Syria, But In The Whole Middle East".

Article# 719:Television Station Under Control Of Abbas Government Repeatedly Broadcasts Clip Promising Eventual Destruction Of The Jewish State.

Article# 718:The Antichrist And What He May Know At This Time.

Article# 717:Agreement On EU Reform Treaty Is Reached; Hope To Elect First EU President By 2009.

Article# 716:Israel Warns That Biblical Account Of Gog And Magog May Be World War III.

Article# 715:Mideast Summit Faces Huge Challenges; Lieberman Warns Rice Not To Push Olmert Too Hard On Critical Issues.

Article# 714:Rice: I Will Hold Israel Publicly Responsible For Failure Of ME Summit If They Refuse To Give Up East Jerusalem.

Article# 713:Olmert And Abbas Close; Jerusalem, Refugees Sticking Point But Palestinians May Be Willing To Compromise.

Article# 712:Olmert Assembles Inexperienced Negotiating Team To Face Off Against Harden Palestinians.

Article# 711:Will The Timeframe For Completing Statutes Of Future Israeli-Palestinian Peace Treaty Be Seven Years?

Article# 710:Olmert: I Will Not Be Deterred In Peace Attempt; Bush Moves Ahead With Plans To Attack Iran.

Article# 709:Palestinian And Israeli Negotiators To Meet Monday.

Article# 708:If The ME Peace Summit Leads To The Peace Treaty With The Antichrist Then What Should Follow?

Article# 707:Abbas: We Could Have Peace Deal By May 2008.

Article# 706:Arab Nations Still Not On Board With ME Peace Summit: But They Will Soon.

Article# 705:November ME Peace Summit Officially Announced.

Article# 704:Rice Meets Abbas In Search Of Conference Accord; Says Peace Parley Must Be Substantive.

Article# 703:France Warns Of Possible War With Iran.

Article# 702:Olmert Puts Damper On What To Except From The Upcoming ME Peace Summit

Article# 701:US Preparing For Military Strike Against Iran; Turkish Intelligence Assisted IDF In Attack On Syria.

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